Welcome to my website which is dedicated to spirituality and creativity. I have long been interested in spirituality and the practical applications of spiritual ideas to areas such as money, work and relationships. Creativity is central to my life and I am a writer. I have three published book - my latest book is called The Enlightenment of Work (Watkins Publishing 2012) I am currently writing my fourth called Big Transitions. 

My passion for spirituality led me to Alternatives, a spiritual organisation based in the heart of London. I became a director of the organisation in 2000 and left at the end of 2012. In that time I helped top organise around 1300 (self-help and spirtiuality) author events. Over the years I have trained in a number of spiritual traditions and learnt different forms of meditation and spiritual practise. I also trained in a number of spiritual/metaphysical systems as well as more grounded methodologies such as coaching and NLP.

.Now I am on my fourth career as a coach, consultant and writer. I offer 1-2-1 book coaching and mentoring. I also teach writing workshops and retreats for fiction and non fiction writers. 

Please check my events pages for details of talks, workshops and retreats. Also you will find lots of free audio on my site. .

Blessings Steve Ahnael Nobel